FOP affects One in 2 one...

Ali's Army against Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Ali McKean suffers from FOP,  one of the rarest &
 most disabling conditions in the world. Read on throughout the site to learn more about Ali and FOP.



Click here to purchase entries into the American Girl Doll Raffle!!

(This raffle will last through May 12, 2016 or until at least 20 entries have been purchased, whichever comes last)

Big things are happening this year! Ali's rooms are finally being built with a huge thanks to Lucky Dog Speedway Charities, Mid Ohio Pipeline and Erie County Leads! We need your help too!!!

Throughout the month of April continue to check Ali's Facebook page at Ali's Army and her Instagram and Twitter @AliMcKeansArmy to keep up on all of the giveaways, raffles and fundraisers!!


Ali's parents have decided that the family will be inactive in fundraising events in 2013.

"We are taking the year off to spend time with our children, without FOP being in the forefront. Things happened very quickly after Ali's diagnosis in 2012, and we need time to just breathe. Our children need some time to just be normal, as do we. Ali is having a very rough year with flares, and she too needs the time out of the spotlight. You will see us present here and there, but we will not be devoting any time away from the kids to plan events. FOP has flipped our world as we knew it upside down and we just need time to recoup. We look forward to being active in a new way with fundraisers in 2014. Thank you for understanding."


 If you have an idea for a fundraiser please email us through our contact us tab or at [email protected]


Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and made purchases/donated and supported Ali!! We were able to order her special needs stroller thanks to all of you!! The community has been absolutely amazing! We will keep everyone updated of upcoming events right here on this page! Thanks again! **

 You can help with the yard sale by donating goods/material items or by visiting the sale and making a purchase. 100% of all profits go towards Ali's special medical needs.

You can contact Angela or Gabe via email at [email protected] to find drop off locations or to request a pick up. We have several friends and family members that are helping with the pick up and drop offs.  Or send a text to 419-217-6065419-217-6065. You can also find a link to Ali's Army on facebook under our resources/links tab here.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


You can also donate to Ali right here on this website. To the right of this page you should see a donate section. Simply click the Donate button and you can donate via paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to use this link, simply click to use as guest!


Monetary donations can also be made at any First National Bank or by mailing checks/money orders/certified checks to:

Ali's Army PO Box 503

Bellevue, Ohio 44811

Make checks payable to Ali's Army

**Attention to all current and future followers** We appreciate everyone's want to help and the offers that have been made, but we need to make it VERY clear, that all merchandise being sold on behalf of Ali to raise money for her medical needs is featured on her website ONLY. If you do NOT see it on her official website at, then it is NOT official gear and the purchase of said items do NOT benefit her! I would advise everyone to make sure that any FOP purchases you make for the cause are made through OFFICIAL websites, as we have several people trying to pick up on Ali's story and use it for their own personal gain. The ONLY legal site for Ali's donations will be from this day forward. We will NOT be using any other website or page, on the web. Please be sure when making a donation that the site you entered in actually reads once the page loads. I am shutting down our page today and will NOT be using it in the future. Unless you are on her official website, with us in person or mailing donations to the addresses listed on her official page, or at a fundraiser that was featured on her website you are NOT giving to Ali. As you also know donations can be made directly to IFOPA as well, their official website is If you ever have any questions regarding someone's official page please contact us, we have the means to find this information for you as we are connected with the FOP community, and can ask the individuals personally. To all of our FOP'ers please feel free to post YOUR official websites or links here. We are happy to share them & are striving to prevent any misleading to our supporters. Anyone infringing on any FOP charities and using our families medical issues for personal gain will be punished to the full extent of the law. Have some compassion people, our child is suffering, numerous others are suffering, how dare you try to use someone's disability as personal gain for yourself! On another note if you would like to actually help in a LEGAL way we would love to hear from you and guide you in the right direction. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us personally. We would be happy to answer ANY and all questions that we can.