FOP affects One in 2 one...

Ali's Army against Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Ali McKean suffers from FOP,  one of the rarest &
 most disabling conditions in the world. Read on throughout the site to learn more about Ali and FOP.


Ribbon Painted on Slate (any color available)


Hand painted Ribbon Slates brought to you by Custom Artistry by G.S.McKean. All slates are dated, signed & custom made to order.

Any color available but sale only applies to the green ribbon :)

Please inquire at [email protected] for custom orders & feelf ree to visit their facebook page at yGsMcKean?ref=hl to see other items available.

Acrylic paint on average size vintage roof slate

Personalization can be added upon request.

with or without white background

Did you send an email to [email protected] for custom details?

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